Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'm not sure if my responses to people's comments automatically notifies the person who commented, so I thought I'd write another post just to thank everyone for their advice and encouragement. It's such a help just to know that my friends and family care, and that I'm not the only mom who has been or is struggling with this issue.

I appreciate everyone's comments....and, yes, Carrie McCoy, I will talk to you again :) In response to your comment, I definitely have thought more about letting her cry....I just don't think I can let her go an hour and a half. She gets so worked up and hyperventilates when she cries that long in the car (and she does cry that long in the car when she's tired, so it makes me think she'll do it at home too). We're taking baby steps towards her learning to soothe herself. I know I've taught her to depend on me, and that needs to be undone eventually, but I don't want her little nervous system to get completely stressed out.....arrgh....what to do.... I do appreciate that you care enough to share your honest opinion. I have to say that my friends who work (whether it's part time or full time) seem to have babies that sleep better because their babies have had to learn to sleep in different environments and with different people putting them down for naps or to bed....and Maggie has only had Daniel and I, so we haven't had a whole lot of extra incentive (other than our own frustration) to get the sleep thing figured out, since we are the only ones who have to put up with it. I honestly don't know what to think of the cry-it-out method, but I do know sooooo many moms (online) who have said it is what finally worked for them, and I will give it some thought! Thanks for caring!! I truly appreciate it!

It is such a blessing to be able to share frustrations with friends, and feel supported, especially since I don't always have people around me here who have been through this yet.

I will keep you all updated on how things go....and what finally works for us (if we end up finding anything).

Thanks again everyone and God Bless.


Carrie McCoy said...

Yay! We're still friends!! :-)
You will defintely keep us updated on what works...because something WILL work. (Positive thinking right?)
Just to clarify on the 1 1/2 thing though, she won't necessarily be crying that whole time. What happened for us is after 5 minutes, we would go in and whisper "mommy's here" and gently rub them to reassure them. That alone will calm them. And sure, she will cry when you walk out and leave her again for 10 minutes, but then, go reassure her again and calm her. Then go 15-20 minutes, then 30 (if needed.) By that time an hour will have past and you will almost be done, if not already.
The big mistake in this method is to give up at this point. You can't let them cry intermittenly for and hour and then pick them up because you can't handle it anymore. Then she knows that you will eventually give in if she crys long enough.
Think about it and then thank me 4 days later when you have a sleeper! :-)
Love you!!

Chelsy said...

I agree with Carrie... It is totally worth it, if you're ready for it! Try not to feel guilty when you hear her cry (easier said than done, I know) - make sure she is safe and reassure her periodically - and then reassure yourself that you are helping her to become a better sleeper. Having kids who sleep well is such a fabulous thing!

Chelsy said...

Christy - A while back, when I was searching the internet for an answer to some problem I was having with one of the kids, I came across the "Berkeley Parents Network" and found there is advice from other parents on a wide range of topics. Maybe you're not looking for more advice right now, but if you ever want to check it out, here's the website

Xenia Kathryn said...

Love ya sis! :)

Rachel said...

Christy -
Just had to add my thoughts to this issue.:) I wanted to let you know that I NEVER thought I would let my baby cry, but when I got pregnant again I knew that I had to do something else than nurse Bridget to sleep. So I had heard about Carrie's method and I tried it. It was like magic!! It took us 3 nights but after that she slept great. We did it just like Carrie said, go in after 5 minutes and reassure her and then 10 and then 15. It never took longer than 15 minutes (but this is probably individual). I promise you it is worth letting them cry!
Hope you can get the courage to try it!
Much love (we think of you lots!)

Christy Sumerfield said...

Thanks Rachel! It's great to hear that it worked for you as well, especially since you were probably doing lots of the same things I was with Maggie....we do have good news to report, but I'm waiting a little while longer before I blog about it :) Love to you and your family!