Monday, December 8, 2008

Postpartum Needs

I just returned from visiting my friend Emily for the first time since she gave birth to their beautiful baby girl. I couldn't believe how gorgeous this little newborn was, they usually aren't so cute when they're "fresh from the oven." Anyway, my eyes were opened to the fact that I need to be preparing some things for my own postpartum needs, whereas right now I am only focusing on what the baby will need. So, once again, I plea for the advice of you seasoned mothers. What items did you find essential for the first few weeks after giving birth? Please don't be embarassed to mention things like hemmorhoid cream or pads, we all know postpartum life isn't glamorous. I just want to make sure I don't overlook anything, and I'm sure Daniel will appreciate me buying most of these things ahead of time, instead of him having to run out to the store in a hurry to find me the right feminine products :)

I look forward to hearing your wonderful advice, as always! I have to say, I've REALLY benefitted from all the comments you have left so far, and I am very thankful for each of them.

Thanks in advance!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Weight Gain Woes

I just returned from my 36+ week appointment, and am somewhat distraught about the number that showed up when I stepped on the scale. I know everyone says, "The weight will come off, don't worry", but that's not the part I am worried about. What I want to know is, why am I gaining so much weight and still receiving comments from people that I am "so small" for being due in a few weeks. I dont' mean to sound vain AT ALL, but where is this 40++ pounds I've apparently gained? Do I have a ginormous baby that is highly skilled at at remaining as compact as possible in my womb so as not to poke out too much?

I loved the doctor's friendly "reminder" that everything I gain from here on out goes directly to the baby.....what is that supposed to mean? Do I put myself and, therefore, my baby on a diet so she won't be too big to push out? It's a rhetorical question, i know dieting during pregnancy is bad. It's just that I don't feel like I overeat, nor do I gorge on junk.

Any of you feel like sharing your weight gain stories from your pregnancies? Should I just let it go, and not worry about the weight? All I know is, I'm getting close to a number I NEVER want to see on a scale, and I don't really know why.

In other baby news, we had an ultrasound to make sure baby is in a head down position, and she is. We asked the Doc to check the gender again, just to be sure, and wouldn't you know decided to be modest once again (this happened in our last ultrasound). Baby curled up in a tight ball, with her legs crossed....what a modest little thing! So....we're still pretty sure it's a girl, but there is always a chance of being surprised. Whatever gender baby is, we are getting more and more excited to meet our precious child!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I just thought I'd share some photos of our trek into the mountains to get this year's Christmas tree. We spent Thanksgiving with a couple we are friends with, and their families. It was very nice, and we were thankful for the chance to spend time within a family, even if it wasn't our own. We missed our family a lot this Thanksgiving, and I am already saddened by the fact that I won't see my parents' house at all this Christmas. Oh well, I'll save my complaing for another post :) Enjoy the pictures for now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hip In a Hurry

As a renter, I've been on the look-out for removable vinyl wall stickers to decorate with, since painting isn't really an option. I've been keeping my eye on different products online, but they have all been too expensive to "bite the bullet" and buy. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I walked into Michael's last night and found an entire display of these removable wall stickers (they weren't there a few days ago). Not only was there a great selection, they were 40% off to boot! I got a sweet package of floral wall stickers (similar, but not the same as the ones in this image) to put up around Maggie's changing table and closet area. I think the total expense ended up being $10.99 or something like that! MUCH better than the $40+ I thought I was going to have to spend online. Target also carries some, but they have like 2 options to choose from. I highly recommend you check out your local Michael's store, assuming they are being carried nationwide, because this is a cute, economical way to jazz up a kid's room, or even other rooms in your home. The brand they sell at Michael's is called "Hip in a Hurry", and you can check out ALL their great designs and options on their website "" . I'm excited to get decorating, once we are back from all of our Thanksgiving outings. I will definitely take a picture of the "nursery" area when I am done with the curtains and applying the stickers to the walls.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I am so thankful for the love and support of beloved friends and family!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The "rinse" cyle

Okay....I may sound completely stupid for having to ask this, do you add something to the "rinse" cycle of a wash? Everything I read about washing cloth diapers seems to recommend doing this at some point, and I have never done it before. It's not like the washing machine conveniently says, "Hey, I'm about to do the rinse cycle...did you want to go ahead and add something?" But that'd be pretty cool if it did. So, does this mean I have to watch the wash like a hawk, waiting for the dial to turn to the "rinse" sign, or do I do an extra rinse altogether?

And...can you really throw the diapers in the wash, with poop and all? It seems like it wouldn't get clean.

I wish my mom would've let me do laundry growing up. She probably will laugh when she reads this, but she definitely took care of all things domestic, and never nagged or made us do much of any of it. I don't blame her....I know I'll be the same way. It's just kind of funny that I don't know how to do a lot of these sorts of things around the house :)

I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Nesting Neurosis

I think I'm officially neurotic....I've been obsessing about the organization of the baby's changing table (no, that's not mine in the picture) and clothing way more than anyone should ever need to. Not only has it been frustrating driving around town countless times, searching for the "perfect" baskets and other organizational aids, to find them for a decent price makes it even harder. I finally gave up and purchased a set of baskets from Michael's that will just have to do. Did I mention I have no idea what exactly I need these baskets for? I've just been obsessed about gettting them.

This is where you seasoned moms come into the picture.... What are the items you've found essential to store in your changing table to make diapering (especially cloth diapering) go smoothly?

How do you store your clean cloth diapers?
What kind of diaper pail system do you use?
Reusable wipe tips, anyone?

The clock is ticking...and all the projects I've "put off" til later are piling up. "Later" has arrived, and there is only a little over a month (assuming baby comes on time) to actually finish all these little projects. GULP...I think I can do it. Motivation comes in waves, and when it does hit me, it usually goes toward the other needs around the house like cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc.

I know things don't have to be perfect, and I don't even know why I am so obsessed with all the baby things being organized super efficiently. I'm sure whatever system I set up now will be obliterated after 2 weeks of baby actually being here....isn't that how it always goes? :)

On another note, we're going to see The Sound of Music tonight at the junior college (Daniel won tickets at his work), so I'm excited to have a little outing with my hubby. Without any family living nearby, I know our "date nights" are numbered :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Entering the blogging world

After months of faithfully reading the blogs of friends, family, and complete strangers, I have decided to start my own. I have no idea if I'll even have time to keep up with this once my sweet baby is born, but I have a feeling I will want to share so many things about this new adventure of motherhood. I know I'll have lots of questions for others to offer advice about (yes, I'm one of those people who actually likes advice). Since I don't live near my dear family and friends, I figured this is going to be a great medium to share pictures, stories, ponderings, gripes, etc. If nothing else, this blog will hopefully help me record my experiences as a new mom, and will be something I can look back on for reflection.

Thanks for joining me on this journey! I look forward to sharing it with you! (Whoever "you" are). :)