Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I just thought I'd share some photos of our trek into the mountains to get this year's Christmas tree. We spent Thanksgiving with a couple we are friends with, and their families. It was very nice, and we were thankful for the chance to spend time within a family, even if it wasn't our own. We missed our family a lot this Thanksgiving, and I am already saddened by the fact that I won't see my parents' house at all this Christmas. Oh well, I'll save my complaing for another post :) Enjoy the pictures for now.

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Helenrr said...

Hello Christy (and Daniel too!),
Love the pictures-a good fix 'cause of not seeing you both (three?) at T-G. What fun to cut down a tree-we did that a number of times when the kids were small-my favorite picture is of Uncle Angelo carrying a tree-all tree with two jean clad legs! :)
You both look great!
Take care and God bless,
Aunt Helen