Friday, November 21, 2008

Nesting Neurosis

I think I'm officially neurotic....I've been obsessing about the organization of the baby's changing table (no, that's not mine in the picture) and clothing way more than anyone should ever need to. Not only has it been frustrating driving around town countless times, searching for the "perfect" baskets and other organizational aids, to find them for a decent price makes it even harder. I finally gave up and purchased a set of baskets from Michael's that will just have to do. Did I mention I have no idea what exactly I need these baskets for? I've just been obsessed about gettting them.

This is where you seasoned moms come into the picture.... What are the items you've found essential to store in your changing table to make diapering (especially cloth diapering) go smoothly?

How do you store your clean cloth diapers?
What kind of diaper pail system do you use?
Reusable wipe tips, anyone?

The clock is ticking...and all the projects I've "put off" til later are piling up. "Later" has arrived, and there is only a little over a month (assuming baby comes on time) to actually finish all these little projects. GULP...I think I can do it. Motivation comes in waves, and when it does hit me, it usually goes toward the other needs around the house like cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc.

I know things don't have to be perfect, and I don't even know why I am so obsessed with all the baby things being organized super efficiently. I'm sure whatever system I set up now will be obliterated after 2 weeks of baby actually being here....isn't that how it always goes? :)

On another note, we're going to see The Sound of Music tonight at the junior college (Daniel won tickets at his work), so I'm excited to have a little outing with my hubby. Without any family living nearby, I know our "date nights" are numbered :)


Christina said...

To answer your questions..
I stored my cloth diapers on the changing table by size and the wraps were sorted by size, too. We got rid of the changing table almost two years ago, so I kept them in the closet on this shelf. But I just boxed up my cloth diapers because Petros is potty trained!!! Other things on my changing table... diaper rash ointment, crib sheets, covers for changing table pad, powder, thermometer, baby lotion, hand sanitizer, a few clean outfits to easily grab for changing into when clothes are messy, and i think that was about it.
We have the diaper champ diaper pail that we keep outside on the back porch. I bring it in when it's time to wash the diapers.
I used cloth wipes. I actually used all the baby washclothes that i received as gifts before pavlos was born as cloth wipes (I have a ton of them). I keep them in a drawer in the bathroom because you have to wet the wipes before you wipe:) and then you just toss the diaper, wrap, and cloth wiptes into the diaper pail (no throwing away disposable wipes). Definitely, though, buy disposable wipes because they are very handy for cleaning all sorts of other messes and for taking out of the house!
Hope this helps!

Carrie T said...

Oh Christy!

I wish I were there with you! I remember those days!

For us it's pretty simple:
1)basket of cut up receiving blankets (homemade wipes). I wet with water for big messes. For pee, I just spray my simple solution (see below) and dry with the wipe.

2) basket of cloth dipes

3) Basket containing 3 onesies (for blow-out changes) and 1 extra outfit).

4) Basket of Jammies (we always put on Jammies after evening diaper change so it made more sense to keep them all there)

5) Simple Solution: In an 8 oz spray bottle: 1 TBS apple cidar vinegar in 8 oz water. A few drops of Tea Tree Oil, Lavendar Oil, and Calendula (optional)

For the diaper pail, I line it with an old pillow case. I have a spray bottle of biokleen Bac-out handy to spray the dipes and then put them in the pillow case lined pail. Then I just toss the whole thing into the washing machine. It works for me.

XeniaT has a really good process too; a little different but it seems to work really well for her!

Oh, for baby powder, I simply use corn starch. You can add some drops of lavendar and it smells so good.

Hang in there!

Xenia Kathryn said...

Hey sis,
Well I already sort of shared what my process was (I was highly influenced by Katie J.'s write-up earlier this year. Maybe I'll have to send you the link).
But yeah, just try to have it all handy and close by. Fill those cute baskets with your dipes and wipes and odds and ends, and you'll figure out what works and what doesn't. For those first days, you'll have your hubby and your family close by to help you retrieve whatever you need. Like I said before, it doesn't take long at all to get the hang of it. And your baby's big cloth bum will just melt your heart--hehehe :D
And don't forget! The hospital will probably let you take home some newborn disposables. Don't feel too bad using those up to give yourself a little break, okay?

Xenia Kathryn said...

Okay, copy and paste that and enjoy! It's Katie J.'s tutorial!

Meika said...

I don't have advice as to where to keep the necessities but I think that the matching baskets from Michaels sounds like you are on the right track! How could a mother possibly consider keeping her changing supplies in anything that is not color coordinated? Love hearing about your life! Love Meika

katbat said...

Hi1 I am christina's sister - just read your blog from her link. I am due with #3 in a couple weeks (due Dec 26)! I think with each pregnancy I obsessed over something, so I can relate! This time around it is just making sure I have everything I need (oh, and I sewed 10 pairs of slippers! - insanity!). I have the bouncy seat set up in the living room, my hospital bag and baby car seat all packed and ready to go, friends phone #'s on my cell phone in case I need them to pick my older kids from the bus stop, etc. Take care and everything will be alright! :-)

Susan said...

oh the joys of being a first time. You sound exactly on track for nesting!! I remember those days pre-Christinas birth so well.
The only thind people havent mentioned that I found useful is a little nightlight so you dont have to turn on a bright overhead light at night.
Happy days ahead for Christy and Daniel:)

Susan said...

Katherine, you dont have baby swing set up in the living room. I remember with Pavel you had that set up months before he was born. Leo always turned it on and tear-ed up thinking about baby to be:)

Christy Sumerfield said...

WOW! I'm so thankful for all the wonderful advice you ladies offered! I am feeling better about my changing table, now, though it is still not completely set up. I guess I should pack my hospital's probably a good time to start being ready at any moment :) I love hearing your "seasoned" advice, and look forward to finding out what works for us!